Varisian Tales

The Asylum Stone II
A Night to Remember

Synopsis:After arriving at the Sorry Excuse Inn, Gav introduced the party to a troll augur named Vargun, who while giving them a glimpse of the tomorrow was so vague that Brine was not sure anything the Augur said was true. Disappointed the group, tired from their travels bedded down for the night after paying a handsome price for one large room. Sleep was peaceful up until the arrival of a cabal of Red Mantis assassins set on killing them…

Current Date: Early Morning Sarenith 17th 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Starday the 27th of Desnus 4713 AR
Weather: Hot and Muggy
Current Location: Sorry Excuse Inn
Previous Location: Meatgate

The Asylum Stone
Welcome to the City of Strangers

Synopsis: Thanks to the efforts of Duskwarden Lopati, the group arrives at Meatgate, the first sight of Kaer Maga. The city is an enormous white hexagon. In all directions, the party can see that every inch of it is covered in buildings: cliff side buildings, buildings built on the atop thin balconies around the interior of the walls themselves, and buildings crammed together on the floor of the ancient ruin. Except for the lake at the center of the city (even then, only at midday), the entire city is drowned in permanent twilight and dirty air from the Kiln.

After leaving the Arrival Bunker, the group was beset by a mob of children offering themselves as touts for the group but the mob was pushed aside by Gav Nahali, guide to the famed Eando Kline. Offering to show you the ins and outs of the Rings for a fiver a day, he steers the group towards an inn called the Blushing Rose.

Current Date: Morning Sarenith 17th 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Starday the 27th of Desnus 4713 AR
Weather: Hot and Muggy
Current Location: Meatgate
Previous Location: The Halflight Path

The River of Darkness Part 3
Up a River...

Synopsis: Soon after leaving Zelkor Station, the party saved the River Queen from a pair Mokele-mtombe, large sauropod creatures that were not happy to be bothered while foraging. Dealing quickly with the threat, the group moved on, soon arriving midmorning at the village of Little Kaer, where they thanked Captain Janke for the voyage and then went in search of a guide. Locating the Duskwardens, the group decided to take the Halflight Path, a shorter but more dangerous journey up to Kaer Maga. Despite the guidance of a Duskwarden, the party was attacked by a trio of horrors from the depths of the Darklands!

Current Date: Morning Sarenith 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Starday the 27th of Desnus 4713 AR
Weather: Hot and Muggy
Current Location: The Halflight Path
Previous Location: Yondabakari River

The River of Darkness Part 2
Up a River...

Synopsis: After retrieving the acrophage for the Protean Engine, the Pathfinders continued their journey to the City of Strangers. On the last leg of the trip, the party stopped off at Zelkor Station, a a recent PFS acquisition from the Aspis Consortium, to deliver supplies from Magnimar. While there the group mingled with the locals and Brine learned of a possible reanimation alchemical formula. Dropping the cargo off the party continued their journey.

Current Date: Morning Starday the 27th of Desnus 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Starday the 28th of Gozran 4713 AR
Weather: Hot and Muggy
Current Location: Yondabakari River
Previous Location: Magnimar Districts

The River of Darkness
Up a River...

Rough Draft of the Session Notes

After the tense battle with the Guardian of the Beacon, the group secured the area and made a makeshift camp before setting up watches. Exhausted from the days of riding, battling and exploring, the group collapsed and fell into a deep sleep. The night passed uneventfully for those on watch, allowing those sleeping to get some rest.

When the group woke up, Kael immediately set about studying the Beacon while Brine and the others watched on. Before the Conjurer started his investigation, Brine stated that the Beacon was broadcasting a message:

“A new hand touches the beacon. Listen. Here are the coordinates. A shuttle has left the Sentinel. It will arrive at Golarion-Shalast station in one standard week. Return the beacon to Shalast station. And you will be able to board the shuttle to return to the Sentinel.”

Intrigued, the tiefling set about his work but little did Kael realize was that the beacon was created by alien beings not of Golarion and reading their objects was not something to attempt lightly. Muttering the Arcane, the infernal elf tried to comprehend the beacons instructions only to suffer a psychic backlash and slump to the ground muttering about dead, metal skeletons rising from an ashen world to consume all life. Disturbed by these visions, Cleo offered to extract the Shard of Gluttony from the device. After a couple minutes, she popped the shard out and the Beacon fell inert.

About this time, Kael recovered from his fit and decided that it would be best if the group teleported back to Magnimar to warn the Pathfinder Society of the impeding undead attack. Confident that they had thwarted Zura’s army, the group agreed with the Conjurer. Grasping his hands as he muttered the Arcane, they appeared behind Heidmarch manor without too much disorientation. Regaining his senses, Brine wasted n no time finding the Venture-Captain, barraging into her private study where seemed to be having a private meeting with a fellow Captain and various other agents.

She glared at the intrusion but motioned for the group to meet her in her private study where she listened to the tale with growing apprehension. It did not take long before she interrupted Brine to inform the group that the Varisian Society had been tracking a group of cultists that followed the forgotten Thassilonian goddess of Rune Magic, Lissala and that the cultists were attempting to awaken the Runelord of Sloth. She speculated that Zuras’ cult made a deal with the Lissala cultist to aid each other.

She listened for a few moments more before deciding that now above all else the Sihedron needs to be assembled to protect Magnimar and the rest of Varisia before something catastrophic happens.
She then dismissed the group, agreeing to Brines suggestion to brief the Pathfinder officers on the weaknesses of Zuras’ army. That done, Kael was then tasked to assist the Pathfinder wizards in making teleportation coins for a strikeforce now being assembled to attack the leaders of the undead army.

Afterwards the group dispersed to take of their individual needs. Brine met with a local artificer not affiliated with Golemwerks named Morgamer Pug. He had heard Brine was making his way to Kare Maga and would like Brine to bring back a sample of the Ardoc Family’s work. In exchange, he offered to build Brine a clockwork arm and loaned Brine a Clockwork Familiar, which he named Cartrdige.

Elsewhere, Cleo met with the Guild Leader of the Nigh Scales who proposed a partnership and to cement the deal, Cleo would deliver a message to the Kare Maga Commerce League in form of a severed, tattooed hand. Her curiosity piqued she agreed to the terms of the deal and made her way back to the Manor.

Flint, feeling melancholic for his deceased with, checked in on the local merchant he had befriended, purchased some wine and then watched the sunest from the Irespan, his mind on his dead wife and the fugitive ahead of him, Olim the Haunted.

The next day the group decided it was time to strike out on their own and determined the best way to do that was to purchase a building. After a brief discussion the party decided on a guildhall and that they would purchase an abandoned warehouse near the Shadow Clock in Underbridge. While securing the land, Brine also posted a notice that all urchins will be paid one silver piece for every ceramic plate that could be located.

That settled the group then went to hold audience with the Venture-Captain about the mission to Kare Maga and the Gluttony stone. During the meeting, she gave the party a pink rhomboid Ioun stone to insert into the next Shard. She is also not surprised the next piece is in the City of Strangers, noting that the famed Pathfinder agent, Eando Kline had uncovered several famous Thassilonian artifacts there before his exile.

She made a few comments on the subject, pointing out that she did not support his banishment and hopes he returns to the field as soon as possible before moving on to transportation to Kare Maga. She brought up teleportation as an option but due to Kael not having any familiarity with the City of Strangers, the party opted for a trip up the Yondabakari River. Sheila, anticipating this, had secured passage on a sternwheeler wheelboat called the River Queen, a newly acquired acquisition from the Aspis Consortium captained by a grizzled Halfling named Othlo Janke. It is a unique vessel as it uses a magical engine that will cut the month and half journey to Kare Maga down to two weeks. It is due to arrive from Riddleport next day. Without further items to discuss, the group left the Venture-Captain to her duties and made final preparations before the trip.

Due to delays in the arrival of provisioning orders and getting them loaded aboard, the River Queen was several hours behind schedule as she chugged away from the docks of Magnimar. The sun was near setting when Captain Janke guided her across the great estuary that marks the mouth of the Yondabakari, where the red-tinted water of the river mixes with the sea. The vast expanse of the Mushfens boarder rolled into the distance in the final fire-tinged light of day, overcast by the dark clouds of a thunderstorm that approached from the east. It was a long night.

Five days later, the River Queen docked at the stilt-town of Wartle, where the group negotiated on an exclusive trade deal to sell Bog Grog at the groups’ new tavern. A drunken Reece endorsed this arrangement by drinking another bottle before passing out on the River Queen. The very day the engine would break down and while searching for fuel, the group was almost a meal for Froggoth the Croaking Doom of the Mushfens but they prevailed and began to harvest the body for alchemical purposes.

And that is where we ended for the evening

The Light of a Distant Star Part 20
The Stronghold of the Storval King

Current Date: Morning Starday the 28th of Gozran 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Starday the 14th of Gozran 4713 AR
Weather: Clear
Current Location: Storval Stairs
Previous Location: Magnimar Districts


It has been two weeks since you acquired the aid of Master Leis Nivlandis, the elven master wizard of the Stone of Seers in Magnimar, where you agreed to trade Kael’s spell knowledge for a teleport spell to the refugee city near Galduria. Once there you quickly learned that various giant tribes have been raiding up and down the Lampblack River, pushing the people of the land further south to the banks of Ember Lake, where the Lord-Mayor of Galduria has begun to gather an army to repeal the giant raiders, however the army is not enough to withstand the raiders.

Deciding to intervene, you met with the Lord-Mayor of Galduria where he asked for you to head to the Storval Stairs and determine the cause of the giant raids. Agreeing, you acquired horses and a cart before heading north along the caravan road to the Storval Stairs where after a few days riding you encountered a Pathfinder Society Patrol lead by a Paladin of Ragathiel, accompanied by a Cleric of Ragathiel and an Oracle named Greytar Algorthas. Determining that you were not an enemy they led you to their camp. Note: The journal notes in the margin that the group battled a frost giant bandit named Big Johann prior to this point


Holy Symbol of Ragathiel

Once at the camp, the Paladin, Lord Lashton of Lastwall (Or so he says…) stated that his group is a PFS patrol sent from Riddleport at the behest of Venture-Captain Heidmarch to ensure the safety of PFS caravans traveling from the Storval Stairs to Magnimar and Lower Varisia. He makes it very clear that he does not trust nor like you and insists that you follow his every word as law. Helping to mitigate Lord Lashton’s attitude is his advisers the Prefect Randos of Absalom and the Sage Greytar Algorthas, who keeps rambling about some prophecy in one of his books.

Dismissing the old sage’s words as errors and delusions, Lashton orders you to head to the Storval Stairs, recon the area and bring back any information you discover about the Giants. It is here that you learn about the gigantic black sphere growing over the Stairs. Greytar states that anything other than a giant touching the sphere is disintegrated, not even leave behind so much as dust. When you asked about the Giants, he elaborated that the sphere harms not anything of giantkind. Armed with the knowledge, you gathered your horses and gear then set off, heading north to the Stairs.

On the way there, Kael explains that a few years ago, a tribe of stone giants took control of the stairs, driving off other threats, but the giants were themselves driven off by ambitious adventurers, leaving the passage clear. That seems to all have changed.

As for who made the stairs, it was the giant slaves of Ancient Thassilon who built the cyclopean stairs for their own kind, not humans and it has long served as a path between the Varisian lowlands and the Storval Plateau.

After a day’s ride and a night of rest, you arrived at the foot of the stairs where you discovered the remains of what appeared to have recently been a small caravan, now scattered over a large area. Most of the wagons were overturned, and the corpses of livestock, hill giants, and a few humans littered the area. A brief investigation of the site, revealed that in addition to giants, harpies may be in the area but before you could act further you were ambushed by a Hill Giant lying in wait.

After a fierce battle, you were able to defeat the giant, in the process learning that it was a follower of Minderhal, a former god of Ancient Thassilon, now followed by giants and scattered tribes of the Kellid in the far north. Kael also determined that by ingesting the blood of the giant the group would be able to pass through the sphere.

After some convincing the group , entered the sphere, passing through unharmed and appearing on the other side at the base of the giants stairs that led up to the Storval Plateau.

It was here were we ended for the night.

Minderhal holy symbol

Minderhal holy symbol

The Light of a Distant Star Part 19
The Golemwerks Incident
Varisian Tales: The Golemwerks Incident

Current Date: Morning Starday the 14th of Pharast 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Starday the 7th of Pharast 4713 AR
Weather: Cool, breezy, sun-filled sky
Current Location: Magnimar
Previous Location: Hedimarch Manor
Players Present: All
Experience Points:
Loot: Wand of Wall of Fire (8 Charges), High-quality materials (worth 12,240G), Numerian gems and coins totaling 1050G (evidence) , strange alchemical fluid (The Green goo) and clockwork-like alchemical technology (schematics)

After the Berserk Armor flees with the unconscious body of Chrysalis Black, Olim fades away and Kael storms out of the Laboratory, the rest of you discover a dossier revealing ties between the mad artificer and the Aspis Consortium. These documents reveal details of the sabotage Black was instructed to perform on the Heidmarchs’ angelic guardians, records of months of payments for the use of the Doll House as a smuggling front and the acquisition of information from the Golemworks, and finally a mysterious reference to the approval of an unnamed “Numerian friend.” All of the documents are signed by Gold Agent “Maiveer Sloan of Bronze House,” the Aspis Consortium’s head of operations here in Magnimar. Next to the dossier is a leather pouch, bearing Black’s House Sigil and inside gems worth 1050G.

In the laboratory’s store room, you also locate several crates filled with exotic materials for making dolls behind the dais at the east end of the room. The materials include bolts of Vudrani silk, timbers of Mwangi mahogany, and fine clay for the making of Tian porcelain. These materials provide each pc a total of 2400G each when sold off in the Bazaar of Sails.

Soon after, Reemis, accompanied by guardsmen of the Arvensoar, arrives, offering his thanks for aiding the Golemworks but shares your frustration in Blacks escape. Before departing, he bids you thanks again, stating that you have his support any future ventures that may need the aid of the Golemworks.

Now, with your enemies vanquished, you locate evidence of the murdered Pathfinders and bring the evidence damning the Aspis Consortium to Heidmarch Manor. Sheila presents the evidence linking the Pathfinder’s murders, the attack on her property, and the relic smuggling ring to the Magnimarian government in an effort to bring punishment down on the rival organization, but Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras and his ineffectual bureaucracy are unconvinced of the Aspis Consortium’s role in the murders. Although the evidence is substantial that they were at least involved in spying on the Golemworks, smuggling, and ordering the sabotage of angelic guardians, those in power are hardly motivated to get involved in a crime that seems to have already been solved. However, the Pathfinders are paid lip service and promised that the Aspis Consortium will be watched carefully going forward. Also, the lord-mayor does issue a warrant for his arrest, but nothing comes of it.

During the week, Reece and Cleo busy themselves with research as Brine heals from his massive injuries. Sadly, even though the Venture-Captain knew of an excellent chirurgeon, he was was unable to reattach Brine’s severed arm. What this hold for Brine’s future, only time will tell.

As for Olim, no one has seen his spirit manifest since that day when the Graveknight armor claimed his body. Only time will tell if he will pass on or if his prana will be consumed in malevolence.

Kyali-Cleo in Magnimar
Kael will always be happy to have help, even annoying girly-girl help (joking

So when our triumphant heroes return to Magnimar (and before they set off once again)

Cleo will reveal her identity to Sheila only, after extracting a promise of secrecy.

Cleo will ask one of the boys to sell Ogun’s Wakizashi, all the while bemoaning the fate of their fallen comrade, loudly. (Leave more breadcrumbs for Ogun about Kyali’s death). Someone with a good Bluff check. Olim, if he’s willing.

She will ask for one of the Black Dragon’s teeth or claws to be made into a dagger (wakizashi?) for her as a memento of the Black Dragons she loathes. The other kind of black dragon, but hey, killing any black dragon is a step closer to victory, right?

She will have a certain pendant re-fashioned with a butterfly insignia— instead of the one it has now.

She will offer to help Kael with research, being kinda like a kid sitting behind you in an airplane:
What’s that, Kael?
Whatcha doin?
Tell me about planar travel, Kael.
Practice thassilonian with me Kael.
Have you ever been to the plane of shadows, Kael?
Tell me about Desna, Kael.
Is she totally awesome?
Tell me more about Desna, Kael.
Will ya?
Where ya going, Kael?
Why is that vein in your temple throbbing, Kael?

Despite the constant questioning, Cleo is actually a helpful research assistant, seeming to have knowledge on a broad variety of subjects. (Not as expert as Kael, but can Aid Another with any Knowledge roll or Spellcraft checks.)

And she flirts with Brine to induce him to make her items first. Wow, I love the way you handle poisons…

And… she’ll shop for new weapons and armor…

The Light of a Distant Star Part 18
Into The Lady's Light Conclusion
Varisian Tales
The Return to Magnimar

Current Date: Morning Starday the 7th of Pharast 4713 AR
Previous Date: Morning Wealday the 5th Calistril 4713 AR
Weather: Cool, breezy, sun-filled sky
Current Location: Magnimar
Previous Location: The Lady’s Light

It has been 24 days since you exposed Asha’min’tallu as a false Sorshen and defeated her. In addition, you discovered the remaining secrets contained within the Lady’s Light as well as learned of the real Sorshen’s possible resting place beneath Castle Korvosa. With the passing of Asha, the Lady’s’ Light no longer shines and any surviving denizens of the dungeons beneath the Lady’s Light have made their way out of the dungeons to find new haunts. The remaining survivors of the Troglodytes tribe have triumphed over the Boggards and will eventually come to dominate the Lady’s Cape but for now have setup trade with Maroux, sending you the special herbs the Princess of the Bazaar of Sails, Sabriyya Kalmeralm, requested. You spend most of these days mapping the Lady’s Light, consecrating any unholy sites and updating your gear. Olim also noted that the Black Orb has gone missing, likely during the return of Ignatius.

You now sit in Maroux’s hut, around her table, Brine and Kael cataloguing the salacious items for Ayavah as the rest of you finishes a last meal before you board the Wanton Ways, Captain Yarnelle Fessender’s ship, on its return to Magnimar. To your left stands Jasper Kandamerus, Prophet of Groetus and lunatic. At least for this meal, he has been somewhat lucid this morning but days ago, when you first returned he uttered a strange prophecy, mirroring the words you heard during your jaunt to the Abyss:

“When greed awakens from its long slumber on the second night under the shining, jade light of a risen seven-pointed star, the summer days will turn cold as the sky grows dark from a thousand, whispering wings…”

Before the mad cleric can break the peaceful mood, Maroux stands up, congratulating and thanking you for making the Lady’s Cape a bit safer to live in and raises her cup to wish you good luck on your journey back to the City of Monuments.

Finishing the toast, Oriana, along with Helanda, stands up, thanking you for freeing her and her sisters from Asha’s control. She falls silent, fighting back tears, before continuing, saying how she is grateful for allowing Helanda and herself to travel with you to Magnimar, where she hopes to find other Grey Maidens and bring them into the Society’s service. She then sits back down, Helanda, standing close.

[At this point, unless you wish to add anything, you leave the hut, gathering your equipment and head to the beach to board the Wanton Ways. The Captain gives you a hearty greeting, asking if all is well and that it looks to be a fine voyage. With the aid of the ship’s crew, you get under way an hour later whereas the captain predicted, the daylong trip passes without an issue. On the morning of the second, you enter Magnimar’s harbor and soon disembark at Dockway, where Sheila meets you, accompanied by her major domo and ground staff. She points to a carriage, asking you to join her as she waits to hear your tale.]

After introducing Oriana and Helanda to Sheila, where she promises to take up the matter in a few days, you return to Heidmarch Manor and began to settle back into City life. Brotha Reece makes a trip to the local Bank of Abadar to deposit his share of the treasure and to seek out new libations to stock the wet bar whilst Kael, Brine and Olim further deplete their funds in the pursuit of their own interests.

A week passes during these activities. During this time, the other teams that Sheila sent out across Varisia begin to return, arriving with potentially priceless Thassilonian relics that will need to be analyzed, catalogued and then shipped to the Grand Lodge for storage but not all of the agents return. Seeing this as a time when enemies may strike, Sheila contacted the Golemworks of Magnimar to commission several of their famed Angelic Guardians for use at Heidmarch Manor, feeling the creatures could serve a dual of role of protecting the manor grounds and the city in case of some calamity. Upon the Guardians arrival, she reached out to the group, asking them to place the Guardians around the manor wherever it was tactically sound.

“You’ll find the crated angelic guardians stored in the greenhouse, where they’ve been placed out of the way along with some of the first shipments of Varisian relics brought back by our field agents, which must be analyzed, catalogued, and then sent on to the Grand Lodge. The guardians should be programmed to obey the commands of anyone displaying my personal Wayfinder. I trust you’ll return it to me when you’re done arraying the angelic guardians about the grounds.”

Sheila draws her platinum wayfinder from her pocket and hands it to Brine, unclasping the chain that fastens the compass to her belt. “I can’t imagine such a simple task would provoke many questions, but if you have any, now’s the time to ask.”

The group having no questions spent a better part of an hour deciding on where to place the guardians. With an agreement hammered out, they headed to the Greenhouse, using A.D.A.M. as a heavy lifter. In the process of decorating the Guardians, one activated on its own, reacting to Brine’s presence and began to attack. The other Guardians, programmed to act as a team, followed suit, ripping themselves out of their own crates.

The battle was fierce but quick, ending with the group dismantling the Guardians in short order. Sheila arrived with several grounds staff, requesting the group to investigate who could have sabotaged the Guardians but to be discreet, as she did not want to ruin relations with the Golemworks. She also revealed that the missing agents had been found dead, their corpses marked with the insignia of the Aspis Consortium. When Olim asked why the secrecy, Sheila replied that the Decemvirate ordered it to be kept secret as there were factions about that could use that information to their own advantage when dealing with the Society. With that, she instructed the group to reach out to her Golemworks contact, a man named Reemis and deal with the matter.

At this point, Kael discovered there were no creator marks on the Guardians. Intrigued by this unusual clue, Olim consulted the spirits of his former companions, who revealed that a bespectacled man, working at Golemworks was the creator of the Guardians. Armed with this information the group wasted no time heading north of the Irespan to the famed, sprawling Golemworks complex.

The group had little trouble locating the Golemworks’ complex, and Sheila’s contact, Reemis, therein. A pudgy, balding Chelish man in his mid-fifties, Reemis, greeted the group enthusiastically, asking how he may be of help. Olim, without hesitating, stated that they were there at the behest of Venture-Captain Heidmarch, which the man then asked if Sheila was happy with her order. Not missing the beat, the group explained the Captain was so pleased that she had sent the group to thank the Creator of such fine constructs. Reemis not noticing the fact Sheila had sent proxies in her stead, left to find the order recipe to learn who had been assigned to the Guardians creation. When Reemis returned he reveled that an especially talented Artificer named Chrysalis Black gad been assigned to the Guardians construction. Reemis thought this odd as Black typically handled the creation of Golemworks famed clockwork toys. Shaking his head, he led the group through the maze of workshops, warehouses, and foundries that make up the Golemworks to a large wooden building he identifies as Black’s workshop. On the way, Kael noticed that Reemis had several salacious paintings of the Chelish Paracountess Zarta Dralneen hanging on his wall.

Reemis, now quite nervous, tells the group that Black is out getting some spell components and will likely be back soon, and lets the Pathfinders into Black’s office to wait for the artificer to return. The room is comfortable and filled with exquisite if odd furniture, Reece noting that the chairs seemed to be the same kind of chairs one finds in an insane asylum. Already on edge, Kael, using his arcane sight, discovered several other interesting areas in the waiting room. Not wanting to fall into an ambush, Brine suggested he hide in the cupboard under the stairs, until Blacks arrival. Agreeing, the rest of the group waited until Blacks return.

90 minutes passed before Black arrived, acting surprised at the group waiting on him. However, the man wasted no time, quickly crossing the room to block the stairs. It did not take long after the groups questions for Brine, after quaffing detect thoughts potion, learned that Black was quite insane and had plans of extracting Olim’s brain in hopes of learning the secrets of Ocular powers. At that revelation, the man ordered his pets to attack the group and secure the Oracle. With the command, the floor erupted as a huge elemental pushed through the floor from the basement below. In the corner, a wood golem came to life but had little time to act as Brine went into motion, incinerating the golem with a massive bomb.

Not wanting to be showed up, Olim began to dispatch the now animated chairs that were busy trying to constrict him as Kael and Reece focused their attention on the Greater Elemental and Black. Not deterred by their antics, the Elemental began to smash Brine and Olim, wounding them a great deal as Reece worked to subdue Black.

Black laughed at their tactics. He then stated that his pets were more than capable of killing the group and with their deaths would use their body parts in the creation of more pets. Reece, not having any of this, summoned the energies of his Drunken God and paralyzed Black, just as Olim pierced the man’s heart with his ranseur. As the man was unable to move or scream, he began to melt, turning into a pile of snow, leaving behind his clothing and items. With the death of his master, the Elemental collapsed, burying Brine under a mound of dirt.

Kael, again calling upon his vast store of knowledge, revealed that this Black was likely a simulacrum as Reece searched the slush pile for clues, discovering a bronze Aspis badge under the lapel of Black’s tunic. Seconds later Reemis arrived with Golemworks guards asking what had happened. Reece reveals the badge and their true purpose for being at the Golemworks. Taken aback, Reemis agrees that Black had fooled everyone and asked in the name of the Golemworks that the group capture Black and bring him to justice. Agreeing, the group then searched the workshop, uncovering a few clues before they headed to Blacks estate, using the address provided by Reemis.

And that is where we ended the session for the night.

The Light of a Distant Star Part 16
Into The Lady's Light

Current Date: Morning Toilday the 5th Calistril 4712 AR
Previous Date: Morning Moonday the 4th Calistril 4712 AR
Weather: Ancient Ruins
Current Location: The Lady’s Light – Second Level
Previous Location: The Lady’s Light – First Level
Players Present: All
Players Absent: N/A
New house rule: All casters automatically can cast all 0-level spells for their class. Prepared casters don’t even need to prepare them.

After defeating the Grey Maidens and meeting up with Bertwald and Kyali, the group secured the area, discovering that one of the Maidens still lived. Quickly tying her up, the group learned that her name is Helanda Mertien, from Korvosa and that the Maidens were in the Lady’s Light after the fall of Queen Ileosa seeking treasure and items to aid their Commander’s, a woman named Oriana, plot to overthrow the new government in Korvosa. She also revealed that a succubus might be pretending to be Runelord Sorshen. Helanda then asked to be set free so she could head to Magnimar to get on a ship and start a new life. She offered her service if the group would do this for her. After a brief discussion, the group agreed and made plans to move out, making camp in the now abandon barracks of the Maidens, which served as the resting chambers of Sorshen’s Harem.

Upon falling asleep, the night passed uneventfully except for Brother Reece, who received a dream vision from a ghaele azata that called itself Baraket. It beckoned Reece to follow before disappearing in silvery mist. Waking up, he mused about the meaning of the dream before joining the rest of the group as they prepared to leave.

After a cursory examination of the surrounding rooms, the party stumbled across a tacky place dubbed the Golden Gallery by Helanda, a striking and gaudy place, its walls covered in scandalous images of Sorshen as well as statues of the Runelord.

Upon entering, Kael and Olim detected strong conjuration magic emanating from the statues and golden plates on the floor. Brine deduced that the gallery was a portal to Runelord Sorshen’s inner sanctum. Deciphering the transportation phrase, the group grasped the hands of a statue of Sorshen and apparated to the next location.

Disapparating, the group arrived in a magnificent marble chamber richly appointed. Its domed ceiling frescoed with a starry night sky and the floor covered in a golden rug. The group wasted no time exploring the area but before could get too far in their search were attacked by a pair of fiendish owlbears that while appearing menacing proved little threat.

Quickly dispatching the creatures, the party headed west where they discovered a grand ballroom and even more surprising there was a party in full swing. A party hosted by none other than Sorshen herself! Weary and a bit curious, the group advanced into the ballroom, drawing the attention of the Runelord.

Upon their entrance to the room, Sorshen stood up, clapping her hands twice, drawing the attention of the crowd.

“Oh my sweet subjects,” she coos, her voice seductive and penetrating. “Now is the time for us to enjoy the succulent fruits of our labor. I give you license to indulge your appetites, every unexpressed libidinous impulse, for by such indulgences you honor me. Those who would interfere with this sacrament are like the blind chastising the sighted for looking with pleasure upon a rain bow. Why, some in our midst this very moment actively work against us-obstacles between us and the indulgence of our passions. Behold the cold and bloodless prudes who even now stand before us!”

With those words, the partygoers turned into a mob and rushed the group. Shocked, impressed and a bit frightened, the group raised their weapons in defense only to stare dumbfounded as the mob vanished before their eyes, nothing more than an image. All that remained was a strange creature standing in the place of the ruby throne.

“I am Chanu’krah, Major Domo of the Lady Sorshen and Guardian of the Sanctum. I do not scent the Inner Fire within you. Sadly that means you cannot pass, especially you, oh greedy dog of Shalast,” he points at Olim, “But I must ask why is a messenger of Cyrusian here,” he said, looking at Reece, “does Lord Xanderghul wish to speak more of the alliance?”

At this point Brother Reece stepped forward, demanding the creature to let them through and began walking towards the creature. It once again asked them to halt but the group followed Reece’s lead. Having no other recourse, the creature broke a Summoning Seal; conjuring forth hellhounds bound in Sorshen’s service and ordered them to attack the group.

Amidst blood and flames, the party fought, eventually dispelling the hellhounds and Olim blasting a hole through Chanu’krah with a searing light of divine energy.

And that is where the session ended for the evening.


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