The Fell Light of a Distant Star

Clockwork Beast of Xin

VARISIA: THE STORY: It is 4713 AR, the Year of the Risen Rune. At long last the Stars are almost Right. Soon a forgotten god’s plans will come to fruition. Then Varisia and the rest of Golarion will be changed irrevocably as an ancient power shall rise again!

The ancient empire of the runelords may be long dead, yet the legacy of Thassilon continues to haunt the frontier realm of Varisia. With the rise of one runelord only narrowly thwarted, Korvosa reeling after the curse of the Crimson Throne nearly brought the city to its knees, and Riddleport rebuilding after a close call with a falling star, the people of Varisia fear that the greatest threat to their land has yet to play its hand.

Rumors have spread from Magnimar about a fragmented artifact scattered throughout the lands of old Thassilon, an artifact of the first ruler of Old Thassilon. One so powerful that it can save Varisia from any threat…or can it?

Welcome to Varisia, BIRTHPLACE OF LEGENDS!

Meet the Heroes

Name Race (Gender) Class (Level) Player
Bertwald Sighard Human (M) Barbarian (7) Charlie
Brine Halfling (M) Alchemist (8) Alex
Brotha Reece Half-Elf (M) Cleric (8) Alfred
Kaelthorn Elf (M) Conjurer (8) Ross
Cleo Azlanti Goddess (F) Ninja (7) Marguerite
(NPC)(Dead) Olim Human Ghost (M) Oracle (7) Michael
Trigger Human(M) Gunslinger(7) Michael

Varisian Tales

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